July 21st Appearing at McCluskey's, Kingston, London - Jo & Bradley
July 31st Performing at The Borderline, London - Jo, Bradley & Tina
August 13th Performing at Couture, Stafford - Jo, Bradley & Tina
August 22nd Headlining at RNLI Park Fest, Stranraer Scotland - Jo, Bradley & Tina
August 28th Performing at the Brechin Music Festival, Scotland - Jo, Bradley & Tina
September 4th Performing at Butlins, Bognor Regis - Jo, Bradley & Tina

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S Club 7

Live Arena Tour
When : May 7th-May 21st
Status : Complete

Greatest Hits Album
Status : Complete
Released : May 4th 2015

S CLUB 3 / 4
Gigs and Appearences
Who : Jo, Bradley, Tina and sometimes Paul

Musical Theatre Show
Who : Jon
When : 22nd November
Where : Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Musical Theatre Show
Who : Tina
When : 12th December - 3rd January
Where : Britannia Theatre, Chatam Maritime

Musical Theatre Show
Who : Paul
When : December 2015 - May 2016

Welcome to our message board. Chat with other S Club 7 fans and share your excitement about the reunion

S Club Reunited.com Is a non-profit fansite which is run by a fan and not by S Club 7 or anyone from their Family or Management. This is not an official website and we have no direct contact to any members of S Club 7, so please don't contact us with fan mail as we cannot pass it on. This website is here for the fans benefit - we are here to purely share our love with other fans only and to keep fans updated on S Club's reunion. All photos and media found on this website belong to their respectful owners - No copyright infringement is intended, but if you find anything on this website that belongs to you and you want it removed, please Contact Us before taking any legal action and we shall remove it right away.

S Club Reunited.com 2015

S Club Reunited.com | Your online source for S Club 7
Welcome to S Club Reunited.com.. your ultimate online fan source for the British pop band S Club 7 who have recently reunited after 12 years. The band consists of 7 members - Rachel Stevens, Jo O'Meara, Bradley Mcintosh, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearritt, Tina Barrett and Paul Cattermole, and first got together back in 1998 after being put together by Simon Fuller. They went on to have many years of musical success with 4 albums, 13 singles, 3 arena tours aswell as star on the silver screen in their own TV series - Miami 7, LA 7, Hollywood 7, Viva S Club and 4 TV special's. They also starred in their own movie Seeing Double before announcing their split back in 2003.
All 7 members of the band went on to have their own individual solo career's after the band split, but in October 2014 they finally announced that they were back together and would make their comeback on 'Children in Need' in November 2014. They have also just completed their long-awaited Bring It All Back 2015 arena tour. Here at S Club Reunited.com we will bring you everything to do with the band on their Reunion.
  • Brand new S Club 7 Fan Forum, SClub7Fans.com
  • 20 Years of S Club 7 – Fan Project
  • Jo, Bradley and Tina to appear at ‘Campus’ in Glasgow

  • We are excited to be a part of the brand new S Club 7 Fan Forums, S Club 7 Fans.com – your brand new (and only) S Club 7 fan forum on the web, providing a new online home for all S Club fans in our own community and connecting all S Club 7 related fan sites currently on the internet today. The forum is an area where fans can go to chat about all things S Club 7, old and new – with fans from all around the world. Forums were something that were extremely popular back in the day, but over the years they all slowly vanished. But finally, we now have a brand new modern home for fans to hang out.

    To join the forums, simply click HERE to enter and then click on “Register” at the top right. It only takes a few moments to sign up.. you will be asked to create a Username, and once you are registered, you will be able to access the Forum and all it’s features and chat with other fans, and have access to exclusive content. Signing up to the forum is 100% completely free. We hope to see you all on there.

    As it is now 2019, and the year which marks S Club 7’s 20th Anniversary…. we are reminding fans of the 20 Years of S Club 7 Fan Project on Twitter, where we are encouraging fans to sign a petition and follow the @20yearsofsclub7 Twitter account, to show your support towards a potential Reunion this year for their Anniversary. (see links below)

    Check out the Project
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    Hey S Clubbers… as you can see, i haven’t updated in awhile and that is because the main reason for this website is to focus on the return of S Club 7 for their reunion, which as you know – they reunited in late 2014 for their Children in Need performance followed by their tour. All of which we were around for updating you all, But ever since the 2015 Bring it all Back tour ended, things have gone quiet for S Club and at the moment, all 7 members aren’t currently doing anything as a band (apart from Jo, Bradley and Tina’s gigs), and have gone back to focusing on their own thing, hense why our website has been lacking updates for some time now.

    BUT, with that being said – i would like to take a moment to announce to you all, a very special project which i’m proud to say is being hosted here at S Club Reunited. The project titled 20 Years of S Club 7 has been launched, in assosiation with our website and SClub7.net – In 2019, it will mark 20 Years since S Club 7 first began. As you know, S Club later split in 2003, but finally reformed in 2014 for their ‘Children in Need’ performance, followed by their incredible ‘Bring it all Back’ arena tour in 2015. The purpose of this project is to raise fan support, to show S Club 7 and their Management team that we would love for them to ‘Bring it all Back….again‘ for another reunion to celebrate their 20 year Anniversary.

    You can check out this project now by heading over to sclubreunited.com/20 or clicking here where you can cast your vote in an online poll, aswell as sign our reunion petition, leave your ideas and opinions in the chat area and more. You can also follow the project on Twitter at @20yearsofsclub7 and we are proud to say that all 7 members of S Club currently follow our project twitter account.

    So S Club fans, if you would love to see S Club “Bring it all Back..again” then please support us in this project. Cast your votes, and spread the love about this project as the more respose the project get’s, the better hope we have of S Club and their Management recognising our fan attempts. Thank you for the love!

    Check out the Project
    Sign the Petition
    Cast a Vote
    Follow us on Twitter


    Jo, Bradley and Tina will be performing at Campus in Glasgow on September 17th as part of Fresher’s Week


    Special thanks to S Club 3’s representitives and Campus themselves for making us aware of this event!


    Jo will be one of the judges at Pud Aid 2015 taking place on September 5th in Primrose Hill, London. Pup Aid is a campaign to help put an end to the cruel puppy farming industry & promote the rescue of pets. For more information head to their website here

    Dogs can be entered into the “Fun Dog Show” where Jo will be judging categories such as Best golden oldie , Best Rescue , Best Pedigree Dog etc


    Bradley will be appearing at Throwback Live in Glouchester on August 30th alongside 5ive, 911, Big Brovaz, Booty Love and A1


    For more information and how to purchase tickets, click here


    I have spent the afternoon screen-capping the BEST Greatest Hits of S Club 7 DVD, adding screen captures from all of S Club’s music videos to our gallery

    Bring It All Back
    S Club Party
    Two in a Million
    You’re My Number One
    Never Had A Dream Come True
    Don’t Stop Movin
    Have You Ever
    Love Ain’t Gonna Wait for You
    Say Goodbye


    Jo, Bradley and Tina will be performing at Butlins in Bognor Regis on 4th September as part of their 90’s Reloaded party alongside 911, Pat Sharp, Toby Anstis, Snap! and B*Witched. You can find out more information including how to purchase your ticket and accomadation here

    The website shows a photo of Jo, Bradley and Paul but it is most likely Tina instead of Paul.

    90s Reloaded – 04 Sep 2015

    Join us at Butlins Bognor Regis for 90s Reloaded, a break showcasing some of the biggest and best stars of the 90s.

    This is your chance to see some amazing live performances from brilliant headliners and supporting acts. And with plenty of fun activities taking place throughout the day, all included in the price, we can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend.

    – Special thanks to our friend Jo for letting us know about this event!


    To all S Club 7 fans who purchased a VIP package on the recent Bring it all Back reunion tour – the tour documentary has now been uploaded to the exclusive USB’s. If you are a VIP member, remember to check your e-mails for instructions on how to download the documentary, along with your exclusive password.

    Hello S Club 7 VIP’s!
    The S Club 7 Party continues! The Reunion Tour mini-documentary is available for download to your USB device. To download please follow the instructions below. If you have technical difficulty while downloading, please email sclub7vip@omgvip.com and include screenshots of any error messages.

    Please note: This video is intended only for S Club 7 VIP’s. You assume all copyright requirements by accepting the download of this video. This video does not need to be downloaded onto the USB device; it can be downloaded to any device you wish.

    As the Tour documentary is exclusive to VIP members only, we will not be posting the video on our site.


    Here are HQ scans of Rachel in the latest issue of Hello Magazine which came out today. The magazine joins Rachel and her family – husband Alex and daughter’s Amelie and Minnie while on a recent family holiday in Portugal. Rachel talks about enjoying their holiday, Minnie taking her first steps, the recent S Club 7 tour, motherhood and also mentions that all members of S Club agreed to meet up “a few months” after the tour to discuss everything… so who know’s what is next.

    I only have an A4 size scanner, and Hello magazine is much larger so it’s a little difficult to fit the pages in without cutting off some edges, so i’ve tried my best to scan so that the pictures are viewable aswell as the text.

    imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com


    Jon attended Memphis The Musical in London on July 16th


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