Of all the possibilities that could come from another reunion, what is something you would be most excited about?...

NEW MUSIC - NEW ALBUM - A new studio album from S Club 7, which features brand new music and possibly including a few Bonus tracks being previous Hits (i.e Reach, Don't Stop Movin' etc) that have been re-mastered/ re-recorded (example : Reach - 2019 Version)

ANOTHER ARENA TOUR - The "Bring it all Back" 2015 was such a success. Another tour for their 20th Anniversary would be ideal, including all their hits plus new album material. Perhaps a slightly longer tour (since BIAB2015 was only 2 weeks) including the UK and Ireland dates, and possibly a few over seas dates.

TOUR DVD / DOCUMENTARY - If another tour were to happen, it would be great to have the show recorded for a DVD (example : S Club 7 live from the O2) so that fans can re-live the tour, and the fans from overseas who aren't able to attend can enjoy the experience from their homes. Bonus features - to include "behind the scenes" documentary footage from the tour.

REUNION TV SHOW - Perhaps a TV show documenting all the behind the scenes from their Reunion (i.e Back in the studio, rehersals for a tour etc..)

PROMOTION - TV/Radio Appearences to promote anything they have upcoming (i.e a new album release, tour) or holding special performance events

ANOTHER TV SERIES - Another TV series, following on from Miami 7, LA 7, Hollywood 7 and Viva S Club..

S CLUB 7 TV SHOW BOXSET - Since S Club's TV series was never release on DVD (only VHS) it would be great to have a special Fan Edition boxset which includes all the TV shows on DVD and Blu-ray